What is SatelliteSaint?

This is a blog of Tucker Andrew Teague.

I entered the Catholic Church in 2013. My family came soon after. SatelliteSaint was started years before that as a means for me to explore my faith and a number of nagging questions. I grew up Christian and has instilled in me a love for Christ and for Holy Scripture. But I was almost entirely ignorant of the history of the Church. This blog became a place for me to work out my understanding, learn about the Church, its doctrines and dogmas, and about Mary who, I believe, played so small role in my becoming Catholic. I explored various options and avenues. I wrestled and I prayed a great deal. By the grace of God I learned to know and love the Church Christ founded while on the cross.

Therefore, this blog is a kind of prayer and a kind of liturgy. A prayer for grace and mercy, a prayer for wisdom and truth, a prayer for life. And a liturgy of exploration, contemplation, provocation, encouragement, and trust. In these posts I desire to explore the path down which God is leading me, and most especially, to know God. I am a sinner and probably my words are not worthy of your consideration. If you find value in these posts do not praise me but look to God. I alone am responsible for all erroneous and false content. As I explore and ponder I hope that I will put forth what is true in honesty and love. But do not count on that. I can only ask for forgiveness in advance and leave you with these words from C. S. Lewis who expressed much better than I what I need to say:

Those like myself whose imagination far exceeds their obedience are subject to a just penalty; we easily imagine conditions far higher than any we have really reached. If we describe what we have imagined we may make others, and make ourselves, believe that we have really been there. And if I have only imagined it, is it a further delusion that even the imagining has at some moments made all other objects of desire–yes, even peace, to have no more fears–look like broken toys and faded flowers? Perhaps. Perhaps, for many of us, all experience merely defines, so to speak, the shape of the gap where our love of God ought to be. It is not enough. It is something. If we cannot “practice the presence of God,” it is something to practice the absence of God, to become increasingly aware of our unawareness till we feel like men who should stand beside a great cataract and hear no noise, or like a man in a story who looks in a mirror and finds no face there, or a man in a dream who stretches out his hand to visible objects and gets no sensation of touch. To know that one is dreaming is to be no longer perfectly asleep. But for news of the fully waking world you must go to my betters. (The Four Loves, 1960/1991, pp 140-141)

FYI: I get the name satellite from a circa 1540s definition, “follower or attendant of a superior person,” according to the Online Etymology Dictionary.

I set my course to become a saint and I orbit Christ, the one who is perfect.

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